Omega 9 Honor Society

A hands on turnkey project geared towards providing an Opportunity For Prosperity.


Omega 9 Honor Society is a hands on turnkey project geared towards providing an Opportunity For Prosperity. This goal will be obtained by implementing a more hands on approach to bringing awareness of Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency to the world. We plan to do this by developing turnkey businesses for our fraternal members. We will train, transform and build up entrepreneurs and get them to accept our coin on the tron network for businesses that they operate be it eco friendly car washes, healthy fast food alternatives drive through's and modern AirBnB's etc.. We will make an advancement on this by starting reconstruction, new construction and acquiring other business models in order to get the coin in circulation heavily. We will work diligently to build members of the fraternity with the means to operate viable businesses and watch it flourish all while utilizing the Omega 9 Coin and continuing our everlasting campaign Opportunity For Prosperity. Although this will be heavily promoted in our network of fraternities which list will be announced when proper legal paperwork is completed we are also striving to allow our coin members to vote to elect and to be apart of and aware of our progress on all aspects. This is an introduction to our group and brief of our project. We will be revamping our site and adding elected members when we approach a full body.


Pricing & values

Starting time :

7/16/2018 (7:06 PM)

Ending time :

10/13/2022 (12:00PM)

Token price

1trx - 1 OMNI coin Omega Nine - OMNI

Name of Token

Omega 9 token

Token symbol


Token supply


Token decimals


Payment detail - Please follow link to tronscan or tron mobile wallet to buy OMNI OMEGA 9 token.

Greetings to all, as we soldier forward with Omega 9 Honor Society's plan let's take a moment to further define what and who we are. We are a body of men who hail from various lodges, organizations, fraternities and we are currently gathering to develop our program and Omega 9 everlasting campaign "Opportunity for Prosperity". It's a whole heap of solutions out there but none are addressing the grassroots of where this new ecosystem will start to evolve and this is in the business structure. We plan to build viable businesses with hard working members who are skilled and highly developed to succeed and to accept our crpytocurrency in their already established business or in a ground floor startup or new business. We intend to maximize our coin's use by also developing a network of businesses that will accept our coin and be open to our follower base for their benefit. Across the globe there are millions of members in various societies, lodges, sisterhood groups, brotherhood groups etc and it is starting here at Omega 9 Honor Society to get them all on board with the same goal. We are anticipating working around the clock to achieve this goal as the time is already late. Please see our mission and take a second to envision it's results once it comes to fruition. This is a great time to invest in the Omega 9 coin as this will catapult this mission into full speed. We will be updating the website with progress and adding our support team as we grow. Please take a second to consider our team and believe in our mission and work. Let's hit the ground running together! Thank you.









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